Two Great Reasons to Preach the Bible

In my pulpit I preach from the Bible for two reasons. First, I am not smart enough to preach anything else. If I were to preach on social issues, there are sociologists in my congregation who would know far more about them than I. If I were to preach on political issues, there are politicians who would know more than I do in that field. Second, I am too smart to preach anything else because I know that God blesses his Word and it will not return void. – O.S. Hawkins, Jonah: Meeting the God of the Second Chance, p. 90

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  • Warren

    Truth, thank God for his word.

  • jwhite4550

    Bless you sir! Sounds like two great reasons to me! I preach it for only one. I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation…

  • Wendell

    Love this. You can never go wrong with sound biblical preaching. It covers everythingelse.