Charlie Dates Interview

Charlie Dates is the pastor of the Progressive Baptist Church of Chicago.

Charlie and I are new friends. I have great respect and admiration for him. He is a strong and faithful young pastor. I expect great things from him.

Last year, Charlie Dates wrote a guest post for me: When the Pulpit has a Preacher but no Bible

Pastor Dates recently visited Jacksonville and graciously sat with me for an interview. I hope you find it encouraging.

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9 thoughts on “Charlie Dates Interview

  1. I found this interview most helpful! Thanks to both of you for addressing significant issues related to the Black Church, it’s foundation, and it’s future! Also, thanks to Pastor Charlie for a wonderful testimony of the providence of God upon his life!

  2. Interesting interview. I do have one question for Pastor Dates. Who are these “reformed guys” posing such a threat to the traditional African American Church.

    The people that left the declining Churches Pastor Dates mentioned are not attending Reformed Churches. They are attending Word of Faith Churches and the Black preachers in those churches don’t whoop.

    On another note, Pastor Meeks had no chance of being Mayor of Chicago. Anyone in and around Chicago knew that. I don’t know where Dates was during the election cycle.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this interview because it gave me a little more information on the young man I heard from the pulpit on this past Sunday. I come from a family with quite a few young black preachers and I can tell you what I find very encouraging for the generations that will be shepherded by both the interviewer and the interviewee — “authenticity”. That is the one thing that I treasure most about my pastor (HB Charles, Jr.). Thank you both for the opportunity. Pastor Dates, the Holy Spirit sealed your message in my heart on Monday morning with my New Testament scripture reading, Luke 7:36-50.

  4. I had the privilege of serving on staff with Pastor Dates while he interned under Pastor K. Edward Copeland. He has always been faithful to Scripture. I constantly listen to his preaching. His obedience is worth modeling for every preacher.

  5. I am huge fan of this great man of God. I am a member of Salem Baptist Church of Chicago who recently relocated to Georgia. I have nothing but great things to say about Rev Charlie as he was so lovingly called. He is such an awesome speaker, although I was sad to see him leave Salem, I am truly proud of the work he is doing within the Bronzeville community. Love you Rev. Charlie!!

  6. Pastor Charles – man I echo the words of Pastor Dates – your preaching & teaching must continue to leverage the (TV, radio, print) media. Our consumer society – especially that within the Church in the African American community – requires your pulpit genius to counteract & reorient the caricatures that many sincere but misguided pastors model themselves after. God has given you a sacred trust. Hence the growing burden that you feel & I trust that the Lord will permit (press) its incarnation to a waiting & wanting people – especially Pastors. The “other than” does exist! H.B., I love all of your interviews. I’m immensely enriched by them all (more than you know). WONDERFUL interview with this tremendously humble and sensitive Pastor. Loved the dialogue!!! It truly watered my soul…

  7. Pastor H.B. I love the interviews you do they are very helpful and this young man is in the right lane. I hope you or him writes some books about our great black preacher’s. His insight on blacks going to a white seminary and then saying that the black church is irrelevant was fascinating. I hope God will use Pastor Dates to bridge that gap. God Bless you and keep the interviews coming.

    I hope you get A. L. Patterson soon and Jasper Williams

  8. Great interview. Don’t know him personally, but I know of him and he seems to be a great husband, parent, preacher, and pastor. Progressive Baptist Church and Chicago are blessed to have him as a Kingdom representative!