Preaching is Worship!

Have you noticed how people refer to the singing in church as “worship time,” as if the other parts of the service are not part of our worship? This is troubling, because Christians should recognize that prayer, saying the creeds, giving, and especially the sermon, are all part of our worship of God. But I […]

Fred Luter Jr. Interview

Dr. Fred Luter Jr. is the Senior-Pastor of the Franklin Avenue Baptist Church in New Orleans. He is also the President of the Southern Baptist Convention, the first African-American to lead the convention. Knowing that Dr. Luter would be in town to speak at a conference, I reached out to see if could make time […]

Notes from Sunday – 1/27/13

It has been a long, blessed weekend. We kicked off a new session of the 33 Series mens’ Bible study Saturday morning. We got off to a good start. Looking forward to the next 5 weeks. The 2013 JAX Pastors Conference was fantastic. I really needed David Jeremiah’s message on the Prodigal Son. Dr. Al […]

My Two Cents on Pulpit Plagiarism

I stood, called my text, and began to preach. There was a weird response by the congregation. Something strange was happening, but I didn’t know what. I couldn’t catch the vibe. The congregation, to whom I had preached several times before, was tentative throughout the entire message. But I couldn’t figure out why. After I […]

Notes from Sunday – 1/20/13

Today concluded our 2013 Prayer Emphasis Week at Shiloh. It has been a rich week. We prayed for daily targets this week. There were daily prayer meetings at noon. And we had all-night prayer meeting Friday night. Thanks to staff and volunteers for the labor and sacrifice this week. You make it happen! Glad to have […]

What is a Bishop?

What is a bishop? This is a often asked question I get. It’s a new question about an old term. The word “bishop” is biblical. Different churches and denominations have used it to refer to church leadership and government throughout church history. Yet I often get questions about this term, as it has invaded Baptist […]

Ministering to an Audience of One

One of my former professors preached for me one Sunday morning. As we chatted between services, he asked me about an upcoming speaking event announced in our newsletter. I was scheduled to speak the next five nights at a state convention meeting. It was a rare opportunity. My professor and I joked about the challenges […]

Notes from Sunday – 1/13/13

Today we began our 2013 Prayer Emphasis Week at the Shiloh Church. You can download our PEW13 prayer guide here. Each day this week, there will be a one-hour prayer meeting at noon at Shiloh. We will have an all-night prayer meeting Friday night to Saturday morning. We baptized three persons today – two men […]