Rudolph Waldo McKissick, Sr. Interview (Part 1)

Dr. Rudolph Waldo McKissick Sr. is a legend in the Jacksonville church community.

Dr. McKissick has been a part of one church all of his life – the historic Bethel Baptist Institutional Church. It is the church where his family attended when he was a child. It is the church where he met the Lord Jesus Christ. It is the church where he began his ministry. It is the church where he has served as senior-pastor for 46 years.

The Lord has used Dr. McKissick to lead the Bethel Church from strength to strength. He has been a respected spiritual leader in Jacksonville. And he has been a godly influence on pastors across the country.

Bethel is also a unique church in that for the past 16 years, the congregation has been led by the father-son duo of Rudolph Mckissick Sr. and Rudolph Mckissick Jr.

Dr. McKissick is a wise, godly, and gracious pastor. His family adopted us upon our arrival to Jacksonville and have been a great benediction to us.

Here is Part 1 of my interview with Dr. McKissick about his personal story and ministry experience.

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3 thoughts on “Rudolph Waldo McKissick, Sr. Interview (Part 1)

  1. Pastor Charles, I appreciate so very much your willingness to be used by God to tap into the resevoir of wisdom that He has deposited in those whom you interview. Without you some of us who don’t have relationships wth these guys would never be able to benefit fom their awesome testimonies! I’m sure there are many other on your list, but if you have not already determined to do so would you PLEEAASSE add Pastor Terry K. Anderson of Lily Grove in Houston? God bless you and please continue to bless us with these priceless gems.