Notes from Sunday – 11/18/12

I couldn’t wait to get to worship today. I was really looking forward to preaching today. Glad to be in the service one more time!

I missed our 33 Men’s Bible Study Saturday morning. But I heard it was a great meeting and that even more men showed up. How big is God!

Saturday was also our Thanksgiving Outreach. I am told that 1,500 meals were served over the course of the day. Winter clothes were given away, along with other acts of service. Matthew 5:16 in action!

Glad to have our guests in worship today.

Praise God for the two young men who were baptized today.

I finally made it back to 1 John!

I preached on “Love One Another” from 1 John 3:11-18.

Sermon point: Love is the evidence of life (1 John 3:14).

In 1 John 3:12-18, John gives two ways to live out this divine call to love one another:

1. Reject the way of Cain the murderer (vv. 12-15).
2. Follow the way of Christ the Savior (vv. 16-18).

This passage weighed heavily on me this week. It is important for the saints to know that love is an essential test of true assurance. Likewise, I pray that Shiloh will increasingly characterized by our love for one another.

Praise God for those who were saved and added to the church today!

I plan to preach 1 John 3:19-24 next Sunday – “The Heart of the Matter.”

The Dallas Cowboys overcame a halftime deficit to defeat the Cleveland Browns 23-20. It was the first time the Cowboys have won back-to-back games this season. We are now on a winning streak. And we are back to .500.

The Jacksonville Jaguars had a great showing against the Houston Texans. But they fell to close the deal in overtime, losing 37-43.

The USC Trojans lost to their cross-town rivals, UCLA, 28-38. It was their fourth loss of the season, after going into the season ranked #1. Plus, Matt Barkley was injured. Not good.

USC should hire Phil Jackson to be its new coach.

What a great weekend of NCAA football. Since my team cannot win it all, let there be chaos! Down goes Oregon! Down goes Kansas State!

Could we be in for a Notre Dame, Alabama championship game?

Last night, up and coming heavyweight, Seth Mitchell, got knocked-out in the second round by Jonathan Banks. It was a special night for Banks who attended the funeral of his longtime trainer, this week.

On the same card, young “Mayweather” wanna-be Adrien Broner defeated Antonio DeMarco by TKO in 8 rounds. He may have a good career, if he can just get his own identity.

Did you know that the NHL was on lockout?

I wish the Los Angeles Lakers well with their new coach, Mike D’Antoni. Not really. For the record, my wife, who is an avid Lakers fan, has had no comment on these turn of events.

How was your Sunday? How did your teams do this weekend? Join the conversation in the comments section. 

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One thought on “Notes from Sunday – 11/18/12

  1. Unfortunately, I did not get to hear the gospel today. I did go to church (visited my old church) but the “message” that was preached was not the gospel. It came from the bible (1 Samuel 30:1-7) but the text was completely misapplied. The message was called “Take back the family” (I think). But he never told us HOW to do that nor did he mention anything about Jesus…it was all about what we have to do. I was frustrated because Sunday after Sunday we put band-aids on gunshot wounded believers by preaching a gospel about us instead of Him. So anyway, I didn’t get to hear a word, but I did see a text to preach about finding your strength in God (1 Samuel 30:6).

    The message you preached today sounds like it was a real blessing to the body. I have a message called “The heart of a dying savior” where I talk about love being the thing that identifies us as Christians from John 13:34.

    Thank you for sharing. Go Texans!!!!!!