Melvin V. Wade Sr. Interview (Part 2)

I recently had the opportunity to interview my pastor, Dr. Melvin V. Wade Sr., who leads the Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles.

Dad and I talked for more than two hours.

This interview broken up into three parts. You can view Part 1 here.

Here is Part 2 of my interview with Pastor Melvin Wade.

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3 thoughts on “Melvin V. Wade Sr. Interview (Part 2)

  1. Greetings Pastor Charles, I really enjoy your blog it has been a blessing. I tried searching for some books/material from some of the men mentioned in this interview: Dr. D.E. King, Dr. Manuel Scott, and others. However, I was unsuccessful can you share some of the titles that you have? Also, what are some books that you would recommend for young/new pastors?

    • Good day Ryan. Unfortunately, it is hard to find the writings of some of the men we discussed.

      I have been trying to find Dr. D.E. King’s book, “Christ’s Use of Unusables” for some time now.

      You should find “The Quotable Manuel Scott Sr: Words From a Gospel Genius” by Manuel Scott Jr. on

      A biography was written on C.A.W. Clark some years ago. But I presume it will be hard to find.

      Sandy F. Ray’s book, “Journeying through a Jungle,” is available on

      Of course, Dr. Wade’s book, “Three Three” (Part 3) is available on

  2. Dr. Melvin V. Wade, Sr., is always on point and so real about life and his walk with God. When he’s preaching or teaching he does so with so much clarity and that which he knows to be true. I am grateful unto to God for blessing my life to know such a man. He’s like family a dear friend and brother by choice who ministry and love for God I have followed for many, many years. It’s because of his teaching I step out everyday trusting the is ness of God. I speak favor over his life that God will continue to keep him strong and always in a position to speak to the heart of he people. “Loveoutloud” Peace & Love.