Ralph Douglas West Interview (Part 2)

Here is part 2 of my interview with Dr. Ralph Douglas West, Senior-Pastor of the Church Without Walls in Houston, TX.

It is probably better to call this a conversation, not an interview. We just talked about life and ministry for more than two hours.

Again, I am grateful that Dr. West was so generous with his time and so candid with his answers to my questions.

In this section of the interview, Pastor West discusses the story of his pastoral ministry. From there, we will talk about preaching

I hope you find this interview helpful. If so, share it with a friend. (You can watch part 1 here. Stayed tuned for part 3 tomorrow.)

Did you find this interview helpful? What stuck out to you? How has the ministry of Ralph West been a blessing to you? Join the conversation in the comments section. 

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4 thoughts on “Ralph Douglas West Interview (Part 2)

  1. I really appreciated this segment of the interview. Dr. West’s take on whooping was solid, although I wished he had gone the whole way and just simply condemn the whole thing. I was puzzled somewhat when he referred to whooping as celebration. That was a pretty good spin. He and I come from the same era, Black Baptist Church culture, the whole nine yards. I am just willing to admit that it is more (as he said) contrived than celebration.

  2. excellent interview with Dr. West. I concure that the Holy Spirit is the moving force behind the preaching experience, without Him you can not inspire, move or grow the way God wants us too. He comforted me when he mention one of the churches he pastored was stuck in their pass and he couldn’t change them. I am in that situation but the Lord is moving on the hearts of the people and He is putting new people in place that want to follow my pastoral leadership. Never the less I identified with that experience. Thank you for the series with Dr. West looking forward to others.

  3. Just “WOW!”…especially when West explained his way about “Whooping”, and that it doesn’t always fit at the end of every sermon. Great consolation to hear that you don’t have to always feel obligated to whoop at the end of EVERY sermon. Great role model of a preacher/Pastor in Ralph West.