Notes from Sunday – 08/08/10

We had a good day of worship and fellowship today at the Shiloh Church.

Praise God for those who were baptized in worship today.

Our children’s choir led in musical praise today. As always, it was encouraging to have the little ones participating in worship today.

It was really cool to meet some of the guests who were in worship today. It is great that the members are inviting their family and friends to church with them.

Our choir sung “But God” today from Ron Winans Family & Friends IV. I really love this song. And it was a great blessing to hear it today. I was tempted to get a piece of it when I stood up to preach, but my better judgment prevailed. I had work to do.

I continued my brief series on the book of Ruth today with a message on Ruth 2 that I entitled “Nothing Just Happens!”

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I needed that sermon that I preached today more than anyone else!

This is the second week in a row that I have struggled to organize the text for preaching. Late last night, I wrestled with two different ways to preach the text. I am glad the Lord led me to preach it the way I did.

I had a lot of text and a limited amount of time. It was a challenge. But I really enjoyed preaching this message today. What a mighty God we serve!

I read a statement years ago that has really stuck with it: “The Bible is filled with stories about people. Let them live.” The more time I spend studying the stories of the Bible, the more I am learning to appreciate the rich theology embedded within biblical narratives.

I cannot wait to get to chapter 3.

I am thinking about and praying for a family that suffered a tragedy this weekend.

Praise God for those who were added to the church today!

Crystal cooked dinner today. It is rare for her to cook on Sundays. It was a rare treat! We “fared sumptuously”!

The Dallas Cowboys are playing the Cincinnati Bengals in a pre-season game this evening. It is still in the first quarter as I write, but you already know my prediction. Cowboys win!!!

In the morning, I am scheduled to fly to London to participate in The Proclaimer’s Place preaching seminar under the leadership of Dr. Joel Gregory. Pray for my travels and that my skills as a student of the word and preacher will be sharpened.

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2 thoughts on “Notes from Sunday – 08/08/10

  1. I am just loving this chapter of Ruth as well. My husband, who is not a member yet- usually comes with me just about every sunday. I watch him as he get more interested in the word……especially the way it is delivered. You really bring it home and I thank God for you and the Shiloh Family. After church my husband usually make mention of what was preached in his teasing with me about, why don't I be more like Ruth and glean from morning to evening without being asked and such. I can feel it coming, all I ask is for your prayers…. I know before long he will be coming to join me and my Shiloh family.
    Go jaguars!!!

  2. Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely loved yesterday’s sermon (not that I don’t learn from them all). We, I mean I constantly wonder why unfortunate things happen. Even though I will never say it but my actions and thoughts seemed to be that I am shaking my fist at God and asking “Why Me”. Ashamed to admit but an honest admission nonetheless. Another admission, even though I thank God when good things happen, I have NEVER asked “Why Me”.. Why do you bless my mess, why did you make 1 plus 1 equal 2 when I clearly messed up”. I just accepted the blessing and selfishly looked and waited for the next one as if I was entitled without any work from me. So I am charging myself to ask “Why Me” when he blesses me and decrease the “Why Mes” when things aren’t perfect.

    I learned long ago that nothing “just happens” good, bad or indifferent, nothing just happens. Nothing is random or coincidental. It may have broken my heart and made me cry in the night but it did not just happen.

    Safe travels, and unfortunately your prediction was correct, the Cowboys won~ But it’s just pre-season (Smile).