Notes from Sunday – 6/27/10

What a joy it was to be in worship with the Shiloh Church family and to minister the word of God to them today.

By the way…

I had the privilege of preaching at the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education this past Tuesday in Houston. It was my first time attending the congress. I appreciate the privilege of preaching the word to this assembly.

Wednesday, I preach in Dallas for Pastor Brian Carter and the Concord Church as they celebrated their 35th anniversary.

I returned to Houston to hear President George Waddles’ address to the congress.

I also got to hear Dr. Jerry Black from Atlanta preach for the first time in a very last time. It was very encouraging.

I made it home Saturday afternoon. Hung out with the family. Prepared for Sunday.

Thank you to all of our volunteers. You make it happen!

I led our parent-child dedication for the first time today. It was a joy and privilege to lead the church in this important act of devotion.

Praise God for the one who was baptized today.

I am grateful for all of our guests in worship today, including our special guests – the Jean Ribault High School (not the William M. Raines) graduating class of 1985.

Two weeks in a row.

I continued my study of the Ten Commandments today with a message on Exodus 20:14 entitled, “Keeping Pleasure in its Place.”

I was supposed to preach this three weeks ago, but changed in the last minute. The next Sunday was Youth Sunday. And last Sunday was Father’s Day. So I am just getting to it today. Better late than never!

During lunch, H.B. told me to stop “double-looking” at his mother. Later, he asked me if my wife was my sister. At least he was listening to the sermon.

Next Sunday’s sermon: “How Did You Get That?” (Exodus 20:15)

Praise God for those who were added to the church today.

Thanks Mae for learning the tag to that song so quickly for me.

I enjoy baseball. But I am ready for football to begin. Go Cowboys!

Hung out with the kids this evening. Caught a movie. Good times.

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One thought on “Notes from Sunday – 6/27/10

  1. Your sermon was both wonderful and funny. Thank you for taking the time to study the Word and present it to us with such enthusiasm. We love and appreciate you and thank God you're with us!