John R. Adolph Speaking at Shiloh Tonight

Tonight brings to an end our Wednesdays in the Word 2010 series at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church.

Over the past three weeks, we have been challenged and encouraged by the faithful preaching of Ralph Douglas West, Joel C. Gregory, and William C. Curtis.

Our guest speaker will be Dr. John R. Adolph, senior pastor of the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church in Beaumont, Texas.

I have known Pastor Adolph for more than 10 years. We met as we preached together for his uncle. I have been greatly encouraged to watch the Lord’s hand on his life and ministry over the years.

God is doing great things through Pastor Adolph’s ministry within his local church and around the country. And I am excited to introduce him to the Shiloh Church family tonight.

If you are in the Jacksonville area – and your local church does not have a meeting scheduled – please join us for worship tonight at Shiloh at 7 PM. If you are not able to attend, join us only at

Pray for us.

God bless.

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5 thoughts on “John R. Adolph Speaking at Shiloh Tonight

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  2. God knew what we needed at Shiloh. I will always beleive that is the reason you and your family are in Jacksonville. After the teaching, righteous living should follow. It was time for a change. Change is sometimes uncomfortable for some. I am enjoying what God is doing in this season at Shiloh. I am being blessed beyond measure. It's shouting time! God is at work in the life of Shiloh. We can never be the same.
    God bless you Pastor and your family.

  3. Absolutely awesome service Wednesday night. I left there feeling so blessed and took the message about "God's hand' to work with me and shared it with my boss. He shared it with his wife and so the Word went on to bless and strengthen the hearts of other believers. Thank you for being humble enough to share your pulpit with others. We love you!!!

  4. What an end to our month! I have been so blessed by each of our Wednesday night guest speakers, but Pastor Adolph really brought it home for me. I have a personal testimony, because after years of praying that my husband would return to church, he did this past Sunday. He did not attend with me, but he did go. This message was a revelation to me, that God has had his hand on him, slowly guiding him back through my prayers. I am so thankful.

    Thank you Pastor, for being so humble and sharing your pulpit with these wonderful men of God and for your awesome weekly messages.

  5. I was the one who posted the comment you removed. I want to say thank you for taking it off. and thank you for praying for me I know you did. I prayed to God and asked him to help me why did i get so upset that we were getting so excited past the "normal" amount of time according to what we have done is the past. I was confused as to why it upset me and that confusion made me feel like i wasnt saved after I was feeling the way i was. – I prayed so hard. God showed me all this time of being a member of Shiloh we never worshiped like that and it was so new to me. I see now through the word God sent me this morning he said make a joyful noise and there is nothing wrong with getting excited about JESUS in church or out. I am so sorry Only God can really forgive me I know. But I pray you do. The best part to me is this whole thing showed me i really am a child of God and saved. If I wasnt he wouldnt have shown me i was wrong and i wouldnt have known it was him showing me and why noone wants to be wrong it is the best type of wrong i could have ever been if it meant for me to truly see I am saved. This is what the Lord sent me to open my eyes-

    February 25

    Expressing Our Praise to the Lord

    "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands." Psalm 100:1

    There's nothing wrong with getting excited in church.

    I heard about a man who came to a cold church. The preacher said something he agreed with and he said, "Amen." Everybody turned around and looked at him. After a while he said, "Praise the Lord." Then people arched their eyebrows. The next time he said "Amen," an usher tapped him on the shoulder to quiet him down. The usher said, "What is wrong with you?" He said, "Well, nothing. I've just got religion." To which the usher curtly replied, "Well, mister, you didn't get it here."

    It's easier to cool down a zealot than it is to warm up a dead man.

    · What does it mean to make a joyful noise unto the Lord?

    · How do you make a joyful noise to Him, not just on Sundays in church, but all week long?

    · Why not start by singing one of your favorite hymns throughout the day today?


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