Joel C. Gregory Preaching @ Shiloh Tonight

Tonight, we will continue our series of special services at Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church that we call Wednesdays in the Word.

Last week, Dr. Ralph Douglas West of the Church Without Walls in Houston blessed us in a great way through the ministry of the word.

We are grateful and honored to have Dr. Joel C. Gregory as our special guests tonight.

Dr. Gregory is a former pastor, itinerant preacher, seminary professor, author, and mentor of preachers. In fact, last night he did a seminar on contemporary preaching that was very challenging, encouraging, and beneficial for our associate preacher, Bible study leaders, members and guest pastors who joined us.

If you are in the Jacksonville area, please join us tonight at Shiloh at 7 PM. You can also view the service through or

May the Lord be glorified by the worship of the saints and the preaching of the word tonight.

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2 thoughts on “Joel C. Gregory Preaching @ Shiloh Tonight

  1. Great service last night H.B.. Dr. Gregory without a doubt is one of America's finest preachers.

    By the way, Happy Birthday Bro!

    I am sending you a Jenny Craig membership for your birthday. Maybe it was just my computer but it appears that your hamburger fettish is starting to catch up with you….lol..

    Love ya brother.

    Tony R.