The Gift of Suffering

This past Sunday, I concluded my study of Philippians chapter 1 with a message on verses 29-30, entitled, “The Gift of Suffering.” Here is the sermon skeleton:

TITLE: “The Gift of Suffering”

TEXT: Philippians 1:29-30


THEME: The gift of suffering

POINT: Christian suffering is a gift from God to be embraced and endured with joy.

TRANSITION: Consider with we me three things these two verses teach us about Christian suffering.


I. The privilege of Christian suffering (1:29)

A. Belief in Christ is a gift from God: “For it has been granted to you for the sake of Christ not only to believe in him

B. Suffering for Christ is a gift from God: “but also to suffer for his sake

II. The purpose of Christian suffering (1:29) – “for the sake of Christ”/”For his sake”

A. Our suffering advances the gospel of Christ

B. Our suffering advances our growth in Christ

III. The proof of Christian suffering (1:30)

A. We are engaged in a spiritual conflict: “engaged in the same conflict that you saw I had and hear that I still have

B. We are engaged in the same conflict: “engaged in the same conflict that you saw I had and hear that I still have

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2 thoughts on “The Gift of Suffering

  1. The Gift of Suffering really ministered to me. The Word is so awesome. I saw myself in the sermon and pray that God finds me worthy to be called his child. Thank you for teaching/preaching the Word!

  2. dear pastor,
    i really enjoy your sermons but dont you think that we should really be learning things about the rapture? Because i have a feeling that it is coming really soon. Just like every other comment this one is just my opinion.