A Change of Plans for Tonight’s Service

Dr. Ralph Douglas West of the The Church Without Walls of Houston (TX) was scheduled to be the guest speaker for the closing night of Wednesdays in the Word revival here at the Shiloh Church of Jacksonville. Unfortunately, Dr. West will not be able to be with us tonight. There were other matters that he needed to give his attention to. And he asked that we would remember him in our prayers. Of course, we do and will continue to cover in believing prayer. And we look forward to him being with us at some later day in the future, God willing.

But there is a “ram in the bush.” My friend and brother, Dr. Maurice Watson of the Beulahland Church of Macon/Warner Robbins (GA) has agreed to “pinch hit” for us tonight. Dr. Watson is one of my favorite preachers. And I deeply appreciate his willingness to step in tonight to be our guest speaker. I am confident that the Lord is going to bless us richly tonight through the ministry of the word.

As always, if your congregation does not have anything scheduled tonight that you should attend, feel free to join us at Shiloh for worship tonight at 7 PM. And if you are not able to attend, you can worship with us through our internet broadcast of tonight’s service through our church website or Streaming Faith.

Pray for us.

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10 thoughts on “A Change of Plans for Tonight’s Service

  1. hold my mule I’m shouting!, thanks Pastor Charles, Wednesday night service was awesome. Thank you for having Pastor Watson come and bring the word and did he bring it!!!!!! Is it Sunday yet?

  2. Pastor Charles,

    Thank you for the February Revivals,last nights message by Pastor Watson was the icing on the cake, my soul is still rejoicing this morning thinking about his message, Pastor Watson spoke on every issue we each may be going through or have gone through, But most of all Pastor Charles I thank God for all your messages you have preached, they are what we need in times like these. May God continue to show favor over you and your beautiful family.

    From a Shilite member who is happy you are our Pastor.

    Beverly Brown

    What a wonderful service, a wonderful day, my granddaughter came at 5pm, and praise and worship at 7pm, AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME…


  4. Pastor, your message from Lamentations was loud and clear. You brought the message with power and clarity. God truly IS faithful. God uses you mightily
    everytime you teach and preach. You cover everyone in the audience and I'm blessed everytime I hear you. The February Revival was refreshing. All the preacher/teachers set my soul on fire. Thank God and thank you!
    I'm so glad to have you as MY Pastor! Wait & be strong!
    Your member, servant, prayer warrior and intercessor.
    Carolyn "Million Dollar NSD" Muse

  5. Did I hear we will be celebrating again in September? I am already counting down the days.
    What a revival! Thank you pastor Charles. We recieved some mighty Word this entire month. God is alive and well in Shiloh church.