Wednesdays in the Word Continues – Dr. Gary Williams

Tonight, we will continue our Wednesdays in the Word Revival at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville.

Dr Reginald Terry and Dr. William Curtis blessed our hearts in a great way the past two weeks.

And we are honored to have Dr. Gray Williams, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Mandarin here in Jacksonville, as our guest speaker tonight.

The service begins at 7 PM (EST). If possible, drop and join us for worship. If not, catch us online through the or Streaming Faith.

Pray for us.

God bless.

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8 thoughts on “Wednesdays in the Word Continues – Dr. Gary Williams

  1. Pastor Charles,

    I thought you preached a great sermon this morning. All the souls that came down the aisles to unite with Shiloh today, were witnesses that the sermon accomplished what the Spirit of God wanted it to do. Reach God’s people. God likes cool! There is good, then better, and best. When you give it your best there is nothing else to give.
    When God gave us His best look what happened.

  2. What I have enjoyed most about the revival is the way the Word was delivered with different preaching styles. All of these pastors have left me with something to think about and hope for the future.

    Thank you for sharing.

  3. I believe every message that is being preached in Shiloh church has been needful.
    We have been reminded each Sunday and Wednesday by our Pastor to trust God. Trust God and Stand on His promises this message will carry Christians through not just difficult times , but all the time.
    Prayer changes people and people changes things.

  4. I truly enjoyed hearing the expository word being preached. No offense, but everybody just isn’t into the yelling sermons. We went line by line in the word and heard what we needed that was RELEVANT to the struggles we are facing in today’s economy and completely scripture-focused. No personal agendas or underlying messages to the congregation. I am SO GLAD I came! What a blessing!

  5. Pastor GW did what he does best, deliver the WORD! He slung that food at us tonight!!! Awesome, awesome, awesome. I REALLY enjoyed the service. Now don’t you try leaving us on no Weds or Sunday unless its outside of our regular services…hahahaha

    Just kidding.


  6. Pastor Gary Williams is a home grown Pastor. Pastor Williams is proof positive of the work God can do in a person’s life if they are obedient to the will of God. I remember him from the Mt. Ararat Church. He is a brave soldier,a mighty warrior and a powerful preacher. Pastor Williams continues to impact lives in Jacksonville.
    Shiloh will be blessed tonite.