Wednesdays in the Word Continues Tonight with Dr. William Curtis

By God’s kind providence and gracious favor, our Wednesdays in the Word revival got off to a really good start last week. The Lord used Dr. Reginald Terry in a great way to minister to our congregation. His message was encouraging and faith-building – just what our congregation needed.

Tonight, this special series of services will continue at 7 PM. Our guest speaker tonight will be Dr. William Curtis of the Mt. Ararat Baptist Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Dr. Curtis, who is also the president of the historic Hampton’s Minister’s Conference, is a gifted and faithful preacher.

My own faithful walk and ministry work have been greatly blessed through this man of God’s ministry. And I am honored and grateful that he will be with us tonight to minister to the SMBC family.

If your are in the Jacksonville area, and your own congregation does not have services scheduled tonight, we invite you to join us for worship tonight. If you are able to attend, you can catch the service online through the Shiloh Church website or through Streaming Faith.

Pray for us.

P.S. – Thanks for all the kind birthday wishes!

God bless.

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13 thoughts on “Wednesdays in the Word Continues Tonight with Dr. William Curtis

  1. Pastor Charles,

    Hope you continue to sleep peacefully. When you work as hard as you work ,you usually sleep Good at night.
    Praying that you will continue to be empowered with wisdom from on high. For the glory of God and the advancing of the kingdom, God’s work comes first. It’s ok Pastor, you can go where you will. Shiloh will go with you! Prayerfully

  2. I have to agree with Roberta,
    there were a couple times I felt a swoon come on, not sure if from the heat or the message…What I do know is that it is such a blessing how we are reaching out to other churches and becoming part of the Christian community…reminded me of my childhood days, Great Preaching, Wonderful Praising and cake!! God is Good and I am so proud to be a Shilite under the Word of Pastor C…

    Bless YOU!

  3. This doesn’t really fit in the latest topic on the blog, however I just want to say, We can let you go NO WHERE! You just show out every time. We may have to make you stay home next time! hahaha

    It was warm in that church because you had the spiritual heat up! I got burnt a few times!

    I think if you were preaching in Alaska in an igloo, it still would have been hot! You lit us up with the Word!

    Thanks Pastor for feeding us all. To God be the Glory!


  4. I know that Jacksonville and Shiloh were blessed by the preaching prowess of a great expositor of God’s Word. Wish I could’ve been there!

  5. Dr. Curtis wrote his message on the tablets of our hearts last night. There is a new day in Shiloh and a new High Sheriff in this town. God has blessed Shiloh.
    Pastor Charles thanks for everything. Love to the family.
    Prayers are being answered.
    First Baptist of Oakland is a landmark on the eastside of J-Ville
    Please do not tear it down on Sunday. LOL

  6. Wow!Thank God for the internet. From hundreds of miles away I was able to share in on last nights service and I was truely blessed.

  7. WHAT A TIME!!! Thank you Pastor Charles for sharing Dr. Curtis with your people. He was a true blessing and it’s just what I needed to hear.

  8. Awesome, simply awesome service!!! Please let Pastor Curtis know how much we enjoyed his message.

    Looking forward to the next speaker on this gospel train!

    Love to you and the family!

  9. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! And Thanks and Blessings to Pastor Curtis…I love me some truth in preaching…

    YES! and did I say THANK YOU!!!


  10. It is truly a blessing to sit under a man of God & Pastor that ministers to the flock via other down right sanctified, Holy Ghost Filled, articulate, annointed, Blessed & Highly favored, Shepards all the way from Pittsburgh, PA….
    What a Heavy Weight, ….They got Super Bowl Champs & Pastor Dr. Curtis….WOW

  11. OMG! Dr. Curtis tore it up, stepped on 1st and 5th digits on our feet and had 2nd through 4th digits wiggling!

    He lit it UP!!!!! To God be the glory. God knew what we needed and it was sho nuff a revivial!!!

    Thanks Pastor for inviting him.