SMBC Wednesdays in the Word 2009 Begins

Tonight, we will begin our Wednesdays in the Word (revival) at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church. Each Wednesday in the month of February, we will have a guest speaker who will minister the word to us. And we are trusting God to do great things in us, through us, and among us.

Our guest speaker for tonight is the Dr. Reginald D. Terry, who pastors the Antioch Baptist Church in Omaha, Nebraska,

If possible, join us for this special time of worship. If not, the service will be streamed on the internet. You can find us through the Shiloh Church website or through Streaming Faith.

And please remember this meeting in your prayers. God bless.

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4 thoughts on “SMBC Wednesdays in the Word 2009 Begins

  1. Dear Paster Charles:

    I am sorry to hear that you were not feeling well on Sunday, and that you are still a little under the weather today. However, I sincerely appreciate your preaching this past Sunday despite your ailment.

    Ironically, your sermon was about worrying, and I was worried the entire time because my sister had just called our mother and said that she and my niece and nephews were in the car and on their way to church, but had not made it there yet. I spent have of your sermon trying to locate them in the stands, but did not see them. I finally prayed, and gave my worries to God, then begin to focus more on the sermon (being human, I was still a little worried). After the service ended, I called my sister and found out that on the way to church, one of her tires went flat. She was able to make it to a gas station to put air in the tire. She, and the kids, weren’t able to make it to church that morning, but, I praise God that they made it home safely! I thank God for using you as a means to deliver His message in such a timely manner.

    I hope that you feel better, and happy early birthday!

  2. What a Revival!
    The speaker was powerful.He gave us a buffet of food for the soul.
    What a way to have a party. Jesus is the guest of honor. Every thing that happens next is icing on the cake. Dr Terry baked the cake last night. You knew what all of us needed. This is reviving with a capital “R”
    Joy will come.

  3. Great start to the month. I thought he was good and the message was so very appropriate for the times we are now going through.

    Looking forward to the next speaker!

    God Bless!

  4. Dear H.B.:

    Glad your first night went well in the Revival. It is indeed a small world because I knew Reginald Terry when we both were in the Military, stationed at Ft. Hood, Texas back in the early 80’s.

    We always enjoyed his singing as well as his preaching. Take care man, and may God continue to bless your rich ministry, and may He favor your Revival for this Month!