Where Does Your Help Come From?

This past Sunday, I preached from one of the great psalms of the Bible – and on of my favorite psalms – Psalm 121. My goal was to challenge the congregation to look to the Lord for help and to encourage them to know that the Lord is looking out for them.

Here is the Sermon Skeleton

Title: “Where Does You Help Come From?

Text: Psalm 121

Theme: Sovereign help for the journey of life

Point: The Lord is the only who who is able to help you make it through the journey of life.


I. Look to the Lord for help (121:1-2).

    A. The truth you should accept: You need help (v. 1)

    B. the testimony you should adopt: “My help comes from the Lord” (v. 2)

       1. There is sufficient help in the Lord (v. 2a)

       2. There is sovereign help in the Lord (v. 2b)

II. The Lord is looking out for you (121:3-8)

    A. The Lord will keep your feet stable (vv. 3-4)

       1. The Lord watches over you as you travel (v. 3)

       2. The Lord watches over you when you are tired (v. 4)

    B. The Lord will keep your hands strong (vv. 5-6)

       1. The Lord will give you strength at the right place (v. 5)

       2. The Lord will give you strength at the right time (v. 6)

    C. The Lord will keep your life secure (vv. 7-8)

       1. The Lord provides perfect security (v. 7)

       2. The Lord provides perpetual security (v. 8)

          * The Lord will keep you day by day (v 8a)

          * The Lord will keep you for all eternity (v. 8b)


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  • Anonymous

    THANK YOU for that sermon Pastor Charles. I was MUCH needed!!

  • ange;ia

    I know all of this is true…because even when I didn’t know God they way I should he knew me and kept me, had it not been for HIM during certain points in my childhood…I remember only reading Proverbs and 1Corinthians, to this day I know only God led me there and it saved me when chaos reigned around me…this weekend reading and rereading PSALM 121 got me through…


  • Joyce

    Hi Pastor,

    Good point indeed, The Lord is the only one who is able! Psalm 121 is what we needed Sunday especially me! My mom went home to be with the Lord a year ago this September and since then my family have lost 8 other family members young and old. So it get hard sometimes.

    I pray that the Lord will continue to have his hands on you, to give us the message that we need. You may not get to know everyone in Shiloh but God knows us and he knows our need and he feel our pain and he will continue to give you the word to feed his people.

    Thanks So Much

  • Anonymous

    A message I really needed. I am going through a very difficult period and have been seeking help everywhere. Your sermon let me know I’ve been looking in the wrong place.

    Thanks and God bless!