Ray Scott Concert at Shiloh Tonight

One of the young men of Shiloh Church, Ray Scott, will be in concert in our main auditorium tonight at 7 PM. Ray is a faithful member of our congregation, a diligent participant of our music department and worship team, and a gifted and talented singer.

Tonight’s concert is in anticipating of ray’s upcoming CD release. He will perform music from the upcoming recording, as well as other worship music.

Please pray for tonight’s service. If you are able, join us. Or you can watch the concert live through our Streaming Faith feed.

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6 thoughts on “Ray Scott Concert at Shiloh Tonight

  1. I no longer live in Florida, and I miss Ray’s incredible voice! What a gift, and what a true joy to see him use his talents to gloify HIM. Ray and his wife are such fine Christians, and I’m a better person for knowing them. I miss all my friends from Shiloh.

    Patti Harvey

  2. The concert was wonderful, Ray is an awesome talent and it was so good to see him performing at ‘Home’…


  3. Awesome concert! I wish him only the best and pray God will sustain him and keep him humble. He is always friendly and grounded no matter where you meet him. May God bless he and his family.

    As always, enjoyed your little mini concert too, Pastor C!

  4. May the strength of the Lord be upon Ray, as he lift up the name of JESUS. He has such a humble spirit.

    Sing Ray, sing praises to our God.

    God Bless him.

  5. Ray is a truly remarkable man indeed. I’ve only known him for just a few years but I’ve found him to be an extremely talented yet very humble and sacrificing person. With all that singing he did Friday night, he still sang with us in our choir this morning and this afternoon!