Happy Birthday Crystal!!!

Today is my wife Crystal’s 34th birthday. In the gracious and sovereign providence of God, I have had the privilege of knowing Crystal more than half of her, at this point. And I have had a front-row seat to see her development as a woman, Christian, wife, mother, sister, and friend. Yet she is just as… No. She is even more beautiful now than she was on that first day we met at Los Angeles High School almost twenty years ago.

H.B., Natalie, Hailey, and I love you very much.

Happy birthday Sunshine!

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  • Anonymous


    You are awesome at diving God’s Word! You simply raised the roof today with this sermon. I was convicted in some areas and shouting in others (but not at the same time). :-)

    What an awesome God we serve. May you and your family have a wonderful and Blessed Christmas!

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday “Mrs. Crystal Charles” may your years be bless by the Grace of God and all your dream come true.
    May you continue to bless us with your smile and quite spirit for many years to come.

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Crystal!

    Wow…Anniversary, Birthday, Christmas! I know you looooove December!

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Mrs H.B. :-)

    May your day be as beautiful as your pretty smile! It is such a blessing to have a husband who speaks of you as Pastor does. You are truly blessed! Enjoy your day!!!


  • Joyce


    I hope you feel deep in your heart as your birthday come and go, just how much we love you here at SHILOH, more than you know.

    ********HAPPY BIRTHDAY*********

  • Anonymous

    Crystal, you are a precious gift to many. You light a room when you enter.
    Wishing you a Happy Birthday.
    With love.

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Mrs Crystal Charles

    Wishing this one was all that you wanted it to be.
    I love you.

    The gift lady,

  • LDLee

    Happy Birthday Crystal (First Lady) Praise the Lord. I pray that you will have a blessed Birthday in the Lord. God bless.

  • PurpleHarmony

    I too want to say Happy Birthday to Crystal! Your husband seems to love & cherish you very much. You are blessed! On your birthday, take time to consider how you will praise, worship, and serve God as you go into another year. Check out the new Christian Birthday song at http://www.christianbirthdaysong.com. I know that you and the kids will love it. Continue to share the message of Jesus Christ and your love for family. Have a blessed holiday.

  • angelia


    What a wonderful message from husband to wife…GOD will continue to Bless You Both!


  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Crystal!!!!! May your day be filled with happiness, the beautiful smiles of your children, the love of your husband and all the best blessings that God has to offer.

    Shiloh loves you!!!!

  • R.Anderson

    Happy Birthday to our First Lady,hope it is filled with JOY & HAPPINESS. Wishing you many,many more.

  • Shiloh’s Barnabus Ministry

    Happy Birthday First Lady!!!!

    “Your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of ‘you’ to the world.” ~Anonymous