A Prayer Request for a Long Day

If the Lord spares me, tomorrow will be a really long day for me. I trust it will be a good day. But it will be a long day, nonetheless.

I plan to close out my series on Luke 15, “Lost People Matter to God,” in both of the morning worship services at Shiloh. The past two weeks I have preached on the parable of the prodigal son – one week on the lovesick father, one week on the wayward son. This Lord’s Day, I intend to focus on the elder brother. I have labeled the message, simply, “Lessons from the Elder Brother.”

In between our two morning worship services, I will be teaching the Bible Study Fellowship hour for our adults. I planned to teach four lessons this month on the subject, “A Call to Prayer.” But I did not even make it through half of the opening lesson last week. So I will continue to teach on “Pray for the Lost” in the morning.

Likewise, I am anxious and excited about the fact that we will begin streaming our worship services on Streaming Faith in the morning. Shiloh has been streaming its services through the web for some time. But this will be our first week with Streaming Faith. I really look forward to us taking advantage of the various benefits that I trust will come from moving to this major, Christian web streaming service. Our Wednesday services will be streamed live at 7:15 PM. And our Sunday morning services will be streamed at 8 and 10 AM. There will  be a replay of our 10 AM service on Mondays at 12 noon. And several on-demand messages will be available for viewing 24 hours a day.

Way cool.

As soon as I finish preaching our 10 AM service, I will have to rush to the airport to catch a flight to Los Angeles. I have a layover flight that should put me in Los Angeles somewhere around 5 PM. At 6 PM, I am scheduled to preach at Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church. My friend and brother, George E. Hurtt, will be officially installed tomorrow as the congregation’s fourth pastor in its 66 years of ministry.

I am extremely honored that George invited me to come and share in this service and bring the message. But, naturally, I am a little sensitive about the whole matter. While I deeply love the wonderful congregation the Lord has called me to; I am still grieving the fact that the Lord called me away from the precious congregation that is so dear to my heart. My family and I miss them excruciatingly.

So it will be a little hard for me to preach, I am sure. But I would not miss this for the world. I am so proud of George and the entire leadership and membership of MSMBC. I expect God to do great things in and through them. And how many pastors leave a congregation and are invited back to preach their successor’s installation? Truly, this says much more about George and MSMBC than it says about me. This is a great partnership of pastor and people. I pray that God will richly bless their special day tomorrow. And I pray that the Lord will use me to challenge and encourage George and the congregation. It should be a great time.

Please remember me in prayer tomorrow, that the Lord will grant me traveling grace, physical strength, and preaching power. And please remember Crystal and the kids in your prayers, as well.

Soli Deo Gloria (“to God alone be the glory”)

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6 thoughts on “A Prayer Request for a Long Day

  1. Pastor H.B.,
    Your sermon on Sunday was a call for self examination. The Holy Spirit gave me a heart transplant when I united with Shiloh. I am still taking God’s medication to prevent my body from rejecting what God has placed in my heart.
    In the air or on the ground you are in God’s hands.
    Stay Dry, if you can. Cold symptoms have a way of returning. Praying for you and the family.

  2. I am fervently praying for and working on an issue that only God can help me with. What you said about praying until something happens really hit home.

    Thank you and hurry back to Jacksonville!!!!!

  3. Praying fervently…and feeling BLESSED for being a part of the Shiloh Family…God took me to it and through it last week and thanks to your HIS Grace and your teaching I stood firm and in prayer and am on the other side…GRATEFUL..


  4. I was trying to wait for your Sunday, 12/14/08 blog, but… I sat preparing to serve Sunday, but my attitude was not right, so I asked someone to serve in my place. I was about to leave the church and go home when I realized the best place for me was at church. I sat in the Shiloh congregation trying to focus in hopes that the word would speak to me.
    My toes are still thumping from the pain of you stepping all over them. If I did not know better, I would have sworn you were talking directly to me. You gave an AWESOME message. Each service I watch you grow and become more comfortable with your new church home, which is truly a blessing to whoever have the privilege of hearing you preach.
    I pray that you reach to your destination and return safely. Many blessings to you and your family!

  5. Master you have power. And because of that I ask that you grant strength to Pastor Charles. As he enters today to leave a mark on lives he will need your power for his body and heart. Watch over his family while he focuses on the work you have set him out to do. Bless Sini and the new leadership to continue to stand as a pillar in the community. For your worthship Lord I ask these things. Thank you for hearing but most of all thank you for having the power and the grace to answer someone like me. Love you Lord. AMEN.