Leading the Way Jesus Led

Many spiritual leaders find themselves trapped in a church dominated by the surrounding culture of success. Nothing fails like success and that is so true of spiritual leaders who have mimicked models of leadership other than that of Jesus. The leader gets trapped in the “church world’s” version of success with its rewards and punishments. The great temptation is to climb the ecclesiastical ladder, but then you find yourself standing on the top of a very short wobbly ladder, and you are sure to fall because there is nothing dependable to hold onto. If the proper markings of success are not present in one’s life, consequences follow. Jesus is our leader, and inherent to following him is leading the way he led. Jesus was irrelevant and unnecessary to his culture. And by taking a servant’s role, even though it cost him everything, he became the most relevant and necessary man in history. – Bill Hull, Choose the Life, p. 20

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3 thoughts on “Leading the Way Jesus Led

  1. Please give me the verse in 2 Corinthians 3: that you referenced tonight in your message “Praying with confidence in God’s word” Psalm 119:73-80.

  2. AMEN…Pastor C,
    I have to tell you that as a bibliophile myself you are adding to my library at alarming rates! Thank You…