Happy Birthday, Doc! (HBC3 – 10/08/99)

Crystal and I finally told Trey and Natalie that Shiloh Church would be voting on a new pastor. We also told them that we needed to pray hard for Shiloh, because I was one of two names that would be submitted to the church for consideration. They were both speechless. So I encouraged them to say something. H.B. spoke up, asking, “Daddy, you said we have to pray. But can we pray what we want to pray?” “Sure,” I replied, not really knowing where this was going. He leaped into the air cheering and instructing his little sister to vote for “the other guy.”

We were on our way to dinner. And Crystal and I were both on the phone, discussing the fact that Shiloh had just elected me to be its new pastor. When I finished my call, H.B. asked me about the vote. I answered him. He ordered me to tell them no. Then he cried for several hours. Literally. And for the next several weeks, whenever he heard the words “Jacksonville” or “Shiloh” he would cry.

I was truly worried about him and how this potential transition would impact him. I wasn’t really worried about Natalie. She only only wanted to know how many people we would be able to take with us and whether Pastor Letson would still be here when we arrived. In contrast, H.B. is very shy and nervous around people. And he just began to start opening up. We didn’t want a possible move to be too hard on him.

Once it was settled that we were moving, Trey began to slowly adjust. We first noticed it when he started going to be every night wearing the “All-Male Round-Up” t-shirt Deacon Bobby gave him. Later, we started noticing that he would begin his questions or statements with the words, “When we move to Jacksonville…”

Today, my family has been here for two weeks. And today is Trey’s ninth birthday. He is at school, where he tells me that the whole class is his new friends. And this evening we will all attend Midweek Worship Service. But our plan is to make a weekend of it. He wants to go bowling, because we went bowling last year on his  birthday and he beat me the last game (I blame it on the bumpers he had). He has invited two new friends he has made at the church. And he even invited one of the associate pastors to come. I praise God for how my little boy is adjusting to our new reality. And I hope that he will remember his first birthday in Jacksonville as a special one.

I praise God to see over these days how my little boy is growing up. I love him and am so very proud of him. He knows that I pray that God would call him to preach the word. He’s not sure about that, but he doesn’t want to hurt my feelings. You see, he wants to be a profession wrestler. Don’t ask. And he keeps telling me he can do both, promising that he will only wrestle on Saturdays so that he can preach on Sundays. I don’t argue with him. I just continue to pray that he would grow as Jesus grew – in wisdom, and stature, and favor with God and men (Luke 2:52). And I pray that God would be glorified in his life.

Happy Birthday, Doc! Daddy loves you.

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23 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Doc! (HBC3 – 10/08/99)

  1. I am so happy that the children are adjusting to the move. It was one of my concerns since Pastor and I have had to change churches and the kids did do well. That is a blessing.

    Happy birthday to Trey!! Oh, to be nine years old again (at least feel like it again). Trey shares the same birthdate with my 33 year old son Keith and a friend of ours Pastor, Dr A.L. Patterson of Houston Texas. Take care.

  2. Praise GOD for you Pastor. Shiloh is truly blessed by GOD. He sent you to us at this time. Happy B’Day HB3! We look forward to many many more.
    Sister Kelley

  3. H.B. tell trey I said happy birthday, its doesnt surprise me that he wants to wrestle, remember his dad made me an a fan of the NWO! His dad later formed The Sinai four horsemen,lol.Glad to see all is going well man. Keep up the good work!


  4. It is an awesome responsibility to raise a man child in this day and age. I give God the glory for allowing you to train up a man child in the way he should go. I don’t know the joy that comes with watching a son become a man (I have seven daughters).

    You have a charge to keep, and that charge is to put him on the right path so that God Himself might order his steps.

    Happy Birthday Trey 🙂

  5. To Trey,

    Happy Birthday!!! Instead of a day, or week, you should celebrate all month. Wishing you an awesome October birthday celebration in your new city.

    -A fellow Shilite

  6. Tell Trey Uncle Ronald said Happy Birthday and not to worry when the time is right I’ll make sure that the vote swings in his favor to become Shiloh’s next Senior Shepherd.

    Project Trey in motion “2017”

  7. Please make sure you tell Trey that Auntie BB and Ty wish him the very best on the special day. I am so glad he has a lot of new friends I knew he would.

    Love Auntie BB

  8. Happy 9th Birthday Trey!!!! What a handsome young man you are…so glad to have you and your family here in Jacksonville, Florida.

  9. wow pastor we sure miss you.thank you so much for the update. It's really nice knowing how well Shiloh is taking care of you & letting you know how much you are appreciated there. So glad to know Trey is ok emotionally more important than the colds or whatever's going around. Hey you were my son's first role model @ church he always wanted to drive a bus, be a cop, play ball Karate & pastor too. Yes when he was 6-8 yrs old he'd come home after church &preach your whole serman I guess it's true in Christ we can have it all.

  10. Pastor,

    Tell Trey Happy Birthday!

    When my son was between 5 or 8, he wanted to be a preacher, football player and a police officer. His plan was to be a police officer Monday through Friday, Preach Sunday mornings and then head to the field to play ball after church. I guess seeing all the men leaving Shiloh with their jersey’s on, headed to the stadium, he figured he had enough time to get to there and suit up for the game.

  11. HB please tell Trey that his family in New Jersey said happy b-day and to enjoy his weekend.

    I didn’t know that you knew about the Horsemen, HB. I never knew that you knew what it was to “walk the aisle” and yell whooooo like the Nature Boy. Man we need to talk. LOL.

    Preach for Jesus tonight Doctor.


  12. Thank God for the resilience of youth! I am so glad he has made friends and I hope he continues to be blessed and happy. There is nothing like the sound of a child’s laughter!

    Happy Birthday Trey! Be blessed and be happy!


  14. What a wonderful post, a man loving his son, what a legacy, as the mother of two grown sons, and an always involved Daddy, I know what a blessing that is, and how considerate you are of those children…A True Blessing, they will surely flourish for it…


  15. I enjoyed reading this story!! I’m glad that HB3 is adjusting to his new life. The hardest thing for a parent is when the children are sad. I’m glad that you and your family are now a part of our Shiloh family.

  16. Pastor Charles,
    I am so happy to hear that Trey is adjusting. I was praying for this. I noticed that Trey was beginning to open up right before your departure as I used to have to beg for a hello – and that changed to him coming up to me in church or in class to tell me all about his Saturday or previous week. I prayed that the move wouldn’t stunt that. God be praised! And I am really happy to read that God is blessing your transition and how warm Shiloh is to the entire family. Keep us posted! Please tell H.B. that his old Sunday School teacher says Happy Birthday! God bless, Kim

  17. This post made my day. Thank you for being a dedicated pastor, preacher and parent. Happy B-day wishes to HBC3… “To infinity and beyond.” Oh… Thinking about what we sometimes go through “Doc” may be on to something. Wrestling prowess could often come in handy for the preacher/pastor. (Yes, I’m kidding) lol


  18. I think he will follow in the footsteps of legends. In fact I almost had him preach our youth revival when I introduced you as HB Charles the III. Good post brother.

    Happy Birthday Trey!!!