My First Night in our New Home

Lido and I made it safely to Jacksonville yesterday afternoon. Pastor Letson took us to the house. And I prepared myself for worship. An hour or so later, I drove myself to church for the first time. If Jacksonville’s rush hour was any reflection of what I experienced last night, driving here will be a breeze in comparison to Los Angeles.

I went down to the main auditorium about thirty minutes for the worship service to check on something. I went another route back to the study and got lost. Thankfully, I bumped into one of the staff members in the lobby who led me back to the study. I can be clueless at times.

The service was a blessing. I preached from Psalm 119:9-16 – “How to Clean Up Your Life.” I am still getting adjusted to preaching to a new congregation on a weekly basis. And it has been somewhat difficult for me in making some adjustments. But time will fix that. Likewise, after next week, I will not be getting up to preach on Wednesday after getting off a plane. My body is worn out. I can really feel it when I was preaching last night.

I am quickly falling in love with Shiloh Church. I am meeting a lot of loving people who are embracing me so warmly. I know that it doesn’t have to be this way. I am very grateful.

I got totally lost on my way home from church last night. It took me an hour, with much help, to make it to the house. I found my little GPS gadget in one of the boxes this morning. Hopefully, this won’t happen again.

Last night was my first night in our new home. I passed out as soon as I laid down.

Crystal and the kids are on their way here today. They have an afternoon flight and will get in this evening. Please remember them in your prayers that the Lord would grant them safe passage here.

Thanks, again, for all of your prayers, acts of kindness, and encouragements during this time of transition in our lives. God bless.

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18 thoughts on “My First Night in our New Home

  1. What a journey, What a journey!~ I am a new pastor less than a year in His service as a undershepherd. One thing I am learning and that I find very execiting, that is just ride the waves that God creates. God bless you at your new post. I pray that your family has a safe travel.

  2. Pastor:
    Welcome to Shiloh. My wife and I moved from Marin County in the Bay Area to Jacksonville about four years ago, and have been members of Shiloh for 2 years. It does not take long to find your way around Jacksonville, especially with a GPS in the car. I would also like to remind you that you and your wife need to register with your new address before October 6th in order to vote in the Nov. election. It would be nice if you could make mention of that in the Sunday service or have it mentioned in The Vision.

  3. Pastor,

    In regards to your Lizards, put moth balls in your flower bed or around your home. It really works and it’ll help with all the other critters you’re going to start seeing.

  4. Absolutely ecstatic over all that God has done, is doing, and will do. I know we aren’t “boys,” in the contemporary use and sense of the word. But, I am just as joyous as if it were me myself. God be praised for His excellent greatness.


  5. TIP!! Remember from now on when you call home (back to LA) you’re in a different time zone. SO when you call at 6 in the morning to say good morning to a family member or friend it will actually be 3 am their time. I made that mistake when I moved and for the first few weeks I nearly scared my parents they thought something was wrong when I call so early. Have a Peaceful Journey HB.

  6. HB

    I too am glad that you have made it to your new destination and I am praying that Crystal and the kids make it safely as well. Shiloh is getting the “best in the business” and I know they will treasure the gift that God has given them.

    P.S. Thanks LaShai, I totally forgot about Bish…LOL


  7. Pastor Charles
    I give God the praise for you and your family and thank the Lord for your obedience to him. I have been richly blessed through your preaching and teaching of Gods word here at Shiloh and I am looking forward Sunday to hearing you break the bread of life. I will
    continue to pray for you and your family that your transition to Jax and at Shiloh will be smooth. Be blessed

  8. “When God leads you to the edge of the cliff, trust Him fully and let go, only 1 of 2 things will happen, either He’ll catch you when you fall, or He’ll teach you how to fly!”

    You have earned your wings and you wear them well. Welcome to Jacksonville and to the “Oasis of Love”. I pray many blessings to you Crystal, H.B., III, Natalie, Hailey and Lido. I also pray for your safe travels next Monday.

  9. What a blessing it is to have you as our Pastor! It seems like a new day, and my family and I are ready and welcoming the change! Praying for your family to have a safe arrival. Enjoy your First weekend together on the First Coast as your new home! Keep that GPS handy, it’s easy to get lost here.

  10. Hey Bish,

    Now you know hearing your nickname, it has to be coming from someone close to you. I have been keeping up with you through dad and Tony but I have not had a chance to tell you how truly proud I am of you. I knew the day would come when God would elevate you to mega heights to do mega works for His kingdom. I have always admired and have always been blessed by your unique way preaching God’s Word and have always been touched by your humble spirit. You remind me so much of your dad. I appreciate even more so how much you have been an instrument in Tony’s growth in his ministry. We constantly call you and your family’s name in prayer. You know what’s funny too, TJ loves your mom to death, so I am eternally grateful to her also for taking the time with TJ and teaching her the fundamentals of music. I know this is long but I had a lot to say and I get more full with each word. Stay connected my little brother and allow God to continue to lead you to higher heights. Shiloh has a jewel and I am sure that they know that. I Love You much,

    Your Big Sis,
    LaShai Rhone

  11. Pastor
    I am glad you and Lido made it safely to Jacksonville. My prayers are with the family as they are traveling for God to grant them safe traveling grace. I will miss you, Crystal, HB III, Natalie, Haley, I will always have you all in my prayers for God to watch over you and for the Shiloh family to love and treat you well as we did at MSMBC. I look forward to Wednesday night live webcast and will be getting up early before going to MSMBC to listen to your powerful messages of the word, so please Shiloh made sure the system is working because this Pastor always has a powerful message of the word that needs to be heard.

  12. I am very glad to discover I am not the only one who gets lost in the church. I have been a member for 5 years and still go in the wrong direction to get to my car.

    We are thrilled that you and your family are here. It is so heartwarming to see a young family growing, thriving and adhereing to the word of God. We are praying for you….keep that GPS handy!!!

  13. Is it Christmas? it sure feel’s like it, I think I speak for the members of Shiloh, you and your family are a gift from God. We are truly greatful that God has allow you and your family to be a part of our family. Blessings, Blessings and more Blessings. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!for coming to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Joyce Butler

  14. Praise GOD you made it safely. I’m praying for your family. Friend there’s only a handfull of citys in the US that has traffic like LA and Jacksonville isn’t one of them. Enjoy your journey in Jacksonville and keep the GPS in your Pocket for awile. ( I’m not to sure it will help you inside of the church. Sorry! LOL)

  15. Pastor Charles,
    Remember even God himself took seven days to make the world. His days are not like our days. It will take you some time to get adjusted to everything, but you will. I am one happy Shilite that you will not be traveling from LA. to Jax. on Wednesdsy nites. It tired me out thinking about you commuting from one coast to another. I can now change my prayer request.I have been a member for 5 years and I still get lost. I guess that one reason it’s called a mega church. Always praying for you and the family.

  16. I thank God for you and your beautiful families new assignment. I bless God for your honesty.Please continue! I am waiting to read all of the power books that you are going to write.God is going to truely bless you and your family for you obedience and boldness to obey him.Eyes have not seen nor have ears heard what the Lord has for you . God Bless!

  17. Pastor
    I totally know how you feel. My husband is in the military and picking up and moving to a new State can be a little overwhelming. I’ve been a member of Shiloh since April 07 and I still get lost in there. But, your story was very funny. Hang in there you will be a pro at all this by the end of the year.