My Final Weekend @ Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church

This is a pretty big weekend for me. It is to be my last Sunday services with my beloved congregation at Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church.

Several events will mark this celebration. A luncheon is scheduled for this afternoon, which will give us an opportunity to fellowship with one another outside of the formal setting of a worship service. Dr. R.A. Williams, pastor of the McCoy Memorial Baptist Church of Los Angeles, was scheduled to speak. But he is not feeling and will not be able to attend. Please remember him in your prayers. Tuesday, we asked Dr. A.D. Iverson of the Paradise Baptist Church to speak. He gracious consented. I am grateful and honored that he accepted our invitation. Pastor Iverson was one of the (four) speakers during my installation services almost eighteen years ago. I still carry his message, “Don’t Knock the Rock,” from Numbers 20, with me to this day.

Sunday, we will celebrate sixty-six years of God’s faithfulness to and through MSMBC. Mt. Sinai has had three pastors. And the Lord has blessed MSMBC to be an “epicenter” church, that has a vast, great influence for the kingdom of God. Sunday morning, we will join in praise to God for all that he has done in us, through us, and for us – through Jesus Christ. And we will pray God’s continued blessings on the church.

Of course, Sunday’s services will be bittersweet, in that it will be my last Sunday with the church before I move to my new assignment in Jacksonville. I pray the Lord will help me to preach his word with faithfulness and clarity.

Sunday afternoon will be our final service. Several guests and colleagues will be with us. And my pastor, Dr. Melvin Wade, and the Mt. Moriah Baptist Church family, will be with us. Pastor is scheduled to bring the message.

If and when we cross your mind this weekend, please whisper a prayer for God’s blessings on our behalf.

God bless.

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16 thoughts on “My Final Weekend @ Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church

  1. I believe I can speak for all of the readers of this Blog when I say; that we are praying for you and we have total Faith that God will do a mighty word through you!!

    The journey of a thousand miles begin with one step… Walk on Preacer!!

  2. Pastor Charles,

    What a great blog. I have been blessed by reading it. Thank you for the links of other points interest. I have covered you with believing that your new assignment will bring glory to God and extend the Kingdom.

  3. H.B.,

    It has been wonderful watching your perspective act itself out and viewing the intense faith you have in God as you make this move all the way across our great country. I also applaud you in trying to calm your wife’s anxiety in regards to the move and what will be left behind. I have followed your ministry ever since you started coming to OKC and nothing will change. I just absolutely love preachers, especially young preachers who are true to the call of God of which you are the epitome. I pray God’s choice blessings to continue on your life, the lives of your family, and both Shiloh and Mt. Sinai churches.


  4. I am praying for you all, your family, and Mt. Sinai all weekend long. I can only begin to imagine the emotions entailed in such a move and transition. I have only pastored where I serve now for 3 years; which pales in comparison. May God bless you my friend. -Kraig

  5. My prayers are with you, your family and your MSMBC family as you make this ministry transition. May God give you grace to endure and celebrate this weekend.

  6. I pray that you take the joy of the Lord with you as you go to your next assignment. I have been pastoring all of nine months, in pregnancy terms I am still an baby. But this one thing I know, God will not take you any place His grace can not keep you. Enjoy the journey.:)

  7. I’ve been praying for you and mentioned you to the church the other night. (Brister Memorial Baptist Church) I’ll never forget those sermons on prayer last year at Cochran Ave. You are truly a living legacy. I’ve listened to some of your stuff at Shiloh too. You seem very comfortable. Preach on, Preacher!

  8. HB, again my friend, you have caused your family and ministry, Mt. Sinai and Shiloh to stand at the front of my prayers to the Lord, that he will keep each of you in his wonderful grace. I know how hard this is for you, but I also know that whatever He brings you to, He will also bring you through. I trust that God will bless this weekend in ways you will never expect. Be Blessed this weekend and be safe on your transition to Jax.


  9. H.B.,

    I will definitely miss you being at Mt. Sinai. Thanks for your friendship and your support of LABTS. God’s best to you, your family, and your ministry in Jacksonville!


    P.S. Make sure your messages are available for download.

  10. We are trusting God with you in this time of transition. God be praised for the widespread influence God has had through this Kingdom minded church and Pastor.

  11. Pastor Charles,

    Just wanted to inform you of my longtime appreciation for your ministry and my continued prayers for you as you embrace what the Lord has in store for you. I pray that you will prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers.
    Because of your faithfulness to biblical preaching and loving pastoral leadership, God has certainly smiled on you. May your last weekend as pastor of Mt. Sinai be all you hope it to be.

    Your friend you may not have known you had,