A Word of Wisdom from Proverbs

I am way behind my in my sermon preparation for Sunday this week.

I am really looking forward to preaching in the morning. But I have not really had the time or energy or focus to spend the time in the seat that I needed to this week.

So I am in the seat today until I have finished preparing myself and my sermon for preaching.

I am going to take a detour from my study of the Sermon on the Mount tomorrow. And I am planning to preach on Proverbs 3:5-6.

This is one of those weeks when I responsibility to preach to my congregation violently collides with my need to be preached to myself! Hopefully, Proverbs 3:5-6 will minister to both me and my congregation in the morning.

Pray for me.

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11 thoughts on “A Word of Wisdom from Proverbs

  1. I remember hearing the old folks say “duty bound” when prayers were requested. At that time I did not realize what they meant. Now I do.
    It is the body of Christ duty to pray for our leaders, their family, and ministry without cessing.
    Isaiah 49:1-7

  2. This is a great passage of scripture. By now, the Lord has allowed you to minister His word with clarity and challenge. Be blessed and encouraged!

  3. I wish I could be there to hear you. As I have mentioned to you before this is my FAVORITE passage. I know the Lord will minister to you and to those in the pew. I will petition the Lord on your behalf as well. To God be praised.


  4. Saints, this is the way it ought to be!Humility on the preachers part to admit weariness. Diligence on our part to pray that the word would go forth boldly with the unction of the Holy Spirit. By prayer we will encourage Pastor H.B. and by God’s grace we will thwart the plans of the enemy. Moses needed help so the faithful held up his arms, H.B. needs help so we will pray.
    H.B. … tomorrow morning I will awake and ring the bell cord of heaven on your behalf.
    I suspect the rest of you (Lance, Kevin, and Andre), likewise , will be preaching too. I will pray for you also.

  5. I am praying with you always as I have told you both in person and via electronic mail. Stay strong and encouraged my friend. Preach for the Lord Jesus in the morning.


  6. Thank you to who have sent your regards and assurances that you are praying for me.

    The fact that you have been DELETED is nothing personal.

    Please pray for me, my family, and the Mt. Sinai Church family.

  7. Dear H.B. Charles Jr.
    thanks for the transparency. I will pray for you. My wife and I prayed for you and your family last night.I would like to get in touch with you. We met in Seattle, WA after a revival I traveled from Vancouver BC. I attend Regent college where I am studying systematic theology/preaching ect.
    You blessed us with a meal at AppleBees.We talked about J.I. Packer and Hans Kung. I was the ‘light-skinned brother.’It was interesting discussion. My graduate degree is almost completed, but … wow … am I tired. so many things to do. Preaching engagements, husbandry, fatherhood, upcoming interviews, essays … on and on it goes.
    But H.B. I encourage you to sit at the feet of Jesus and remain faithful. He will give you your sermon. Remain in the faith. I am touching base with other young black pastors in America (like Anthony Carter Jr., Zion Macgregor). Why? I am praying for you! You guys keep preaching … and I will pray for you!! For over ten years I have been praying that God would raise up black doctrinally sound preachers to quench the prosperity gospel. That God, by the Holy Spirit, would infuse your sermons with his glory and truth. Be encouraged, you are human, but the Spirit brings the increase. So your labors are not in vain. Keep in touch.
    your servant in prayer,


  8. Everytime Gods chosen people get before his people and minister his word, the word of God equally meets us the minister where we are.
    I believe the word in season is never more for the people as it is the minister of the hour.Rather it reminds,encourages,mends or instructs it hits the preparer first.

  9. This is undoubtedly a cherished passage by many people. I would also say that, thinking expositionally about the passage, it seems to carry volumes of contextual relevance for both pastor and people. I will praying that the Lord will use you as He always has.

    God bless,
    Kevin P.