Pastoral Vision vs. Vain Self-Image

It struck me one day in a Christian bookstore that most of the “church growth” books I picked up in that store were not books on vision but on image. They hadn’t been published to help me see the world in a particular way but to help the world see me – were I a megachurch pastor – in a particular way. They were books that enticed the pastor of limited self-image to be like somebody else the world admired. What a cul-de-sac of emotional poverty this is. These books were published to serve the idolatries of megapastor wannabes. – Calvin Miller, O Shepherd Where Art Thou?, p. 4

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4 thoughts on “Pastoral Vision vs. Vain Self-Image

  1. I think that’s why we have to remember that the messages that the Bible gives us are just as fresh and as applicable today as they were when they were written. Therefore, while there are some good books out there with sound biblical principles as their base, unfortunately a lot of what is out there is just kindling for the fire. The Bible is the best guide on how to pastor (any sized church), how to live, and how to survive in today’s world.