Total Life Stewardship

This coming Sunday I will begin a new sermon series that I am calling “Total-Life Stewardship: Being Faithful with a Borrowed Life.”

The bottom-line of Christian stewardship is simply that God owns everything. We are just stewards (or managers) of the things we possess. And this stewardship involves more than just our time, talents, and treasures – even though it definitely includes these fundamental things. Christian stewardship involves every area of our lives. It is required of stewards that one be found faithful. And one day we will have to answer to the Lord for how we have lived our lives. So over the next seven weeks we will study together various aspects of Christian stewardship (or discipleship) in our Sunday morning worship services. Here is the schedule of the messages:

1/13- The Stewardship of Your Time

1/20 – The Stewardship of Your Finances

1/27 – The Stewardship of Your Relationships

2/3 – The Stewardship of Your Body

2/10 – The Stewardship of Your Speech

2/17 – The Stewardship of Your Gifts

2/24 – The Stewardship of Your Witness

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3 thoughts on “Total Life Stewardship

  1. May God bless the time and moments you spend both in preparation and delivery. I pray that the Lord will, continually, open the eyes of understanding of those who hear the truths that you proclaim on a weekly basis. You are truly one of our best!